Ties regimental bandTies regimental bandTies regimental bandTies regimental band
  • Model: Cravatte Righe fascia #C.G06

Ties regimental band



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Ties with regimental fantasy with a modern touch, where the classic regimental line we added two small lines of different widths above it. It 'a regimental design revisited but still maintains its classical connotations and elegance, being always been appreciated by all customers in northern Europe, especially in England.

The colors for the three ties in the picture are:
Art.1 blue and navy line, burgundy background.
Art.2  goldyellow and red line, blue background
Art.3 green and red line, bottom navy

Length: 149 cm ca.
Width: 7.5 cm approx
Fabric: 100% silk
Internal thickness: thin layer of wool
Stain-resistant and dust-proof lining: acetate and cuproBemberg navy

The tie is delivered in elegant packaging.

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