Classic Tartan tie C.S03Classic Tartan tie C.S03Classic Tartan tie C.S03Classic Tartan tie C.S03Classic Tartan tie C.S03
  • Model: Cravatte scozzesi classic #C.S03

Classic Tartan tie C.S03



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Ties Tartan classics, are 100% silk, handmade in Italy by our artisans. These Tartan are part of the range of ten different Tartan classics that will present the product to the product C.S02 C.S06. They are the most beautiful and used in the world, not only for ties but for all the clothing accessories such as bow ties and scarves for men, but also for the clothing.

These two ties have tartan classic group, consisting of combinations of two colors and their shades when they cross each other. In the first the colors used are green and dark blue, and this particular type of tartan is called "Black Watch tartan." While the second uses the red tie and dark blue, and is called "Machlaclan tartan."

Dry tie:
We do not recommend wash hand tie, do not get wet. If the tie is machine do not use water, but wash it dry with products especially for silk, dabbing and not wiping.

- Do not wash by hand
- Not wring silk
- Dry clean
- Do not iron the tie

All our ties can be used every day without the risk that they lose the shape, thanks to their internal structure in wool, to the lining of excellent quality, which produce excellent materials in order to ensure the strength, and to 'craftsmanship of the product that avoiding tightened the seams of those industrially packaged, makes the component necktie always fall into place.


Length 149 cm ca

Width 8 cm approx

Cost of transport U.E .: free

The tie is shipped in an elegant package.

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