• Model: Cravatta regimental sport #C.G18

Ties man sporty design regimental



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Silk ties of Barindelli & Trezzi, are obtained with methods totally handmade in Italy in the area of ??Lake Como.These ties have a regimental drawing with a colored line next to it a white line, always on navy background
Art. 1 Fund: navy lines: blue and white
Art. 2 Fund: navy lines: green and white
Art. 3 Fund: navy lines: red and white

You should not hand wash the tie, do not get wet. If the machine is not use water, but suitable products to silk, patting and not rubbing.
Our clothing accessories can be used every day without the risk of losing their shape, thanks to the interior in wool, stain the lining of excellent quality produced in acetate and cupro Bemberg (fibers derived from cotton) and to 'craftsmanship of the product that avoiding the seams tight for those ties made industrially, allowing components of the tie to return home although always under stress.

Length 149 cm ca.
Width 7.5 cm approx
- Fabric: Silk yarn-dyed 100%
- Lining: Wool
- Lining stain navy: Acetate and cupro Bemberg (cotton fibers).
EU transport cost free.

The tie is made with elegant packaging.


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