Tie with Prince of Wales pattern - BlueTie with Prince of Wales pattern - Blue

Tie with Prince of Wales pattern - Blue


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The "Principe di Galles" silk ties by "Barindelli & Trezzi" are hand-made in Italy in the area of Lake Como by our artisans who are experts in weaving, sewing and packing ties. They can be used daily without the risk of losing their shape, thanks to the precious silk, the wool interior and the stain-resistant lining.

Our Prince of Wales silk ties are offered in eight different colors of red, green, blue, gray and brown.

     Tie size:
     Length: approx. 149 cm
     Width: approx. 7.5 cm
     Fabric color: Blue

     Tie composition:
     Fabric: 100% silk
     Internal reinforcement: wool
     Lining: blue-stain-resistant
     Made in: Made in Italy

 The tie will be sent in an elegant package.

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