Barindelli & Trezzi - Italian Fashion Company

with his trademark B & T, takes care of the quality and exclusivity of their craft products, carefully selecting the models and the silks, leathers and materials used for their collections, completely "Made in Italy".

Silk accessories

The silk industry is the most important part of our company, our products ranging from men's ties, scarves for women, going through all the clothing accessories.
Our men's ties range from the elegant to the ceremony, to the more youthful, as the regimental or the classic geometric designs or even those fancy ; kinds of silk used to go from one printed yarn dyed to ensure a wide variety of choice for our customers. All ties are of excellent quality, fully produced in silk and in Italy, in the area of Lake Como.
The same professionalism that we use for our neckwear is also used for the production of our scarves for women, with a wide range of patterns and silks used as a line - satin and twill. Also as accessories manufacture a very diverse range of scarves for women, always completely made ​​of silk handkerchiefs for him and for her, that men are also silk ascot.

Leather Goods and Luggage

Our leather goods includes many products ranging from handbags in leather and fabric with lots of models such as trunks and buckets, the trolley and tote bags both in fabric and leather, and the beauty and travel bag.
We also produce empty - pockets in both leather and fabric, silk purse with leather trim , and handmade umbrellas, wooden with cotton resin, to ensure that they remain waterproof.

All our products are made in Italy according to the rules of the artisan tradition of Lake Como, to guarantee you the best quality product possible.


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