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A Bellagio tradition since 1944. Towards the end of the war the Americans people stationed in Bellagio were the first admirers of these typically "Made in Italy" products, handmade one by one.
Production began by creating small and particular leather containers, an invention of the great-grandfather Francesco. The genius of Francesco, helped by his entrepreneurial spirit, typical of the craftsmen of that time, allowed him to expand his business by expanding also on materials that were then very precious such as silk. All this happened in the family atelier, which at the time had the name of "Robes et confections for Dame".
Our story dates back to the early twentieth century, when the great-grandfather Ettore Sola started the wool spinning industrial activity in the Biellese valleys. He moved to the Milanese area in the 1940s, meeting with the Trezzi family, thus "Lana Brianzola" was born with the industrial dyeing company always specialized in the production of high quality yarns and innovative colors. In the same period, the "Brianzola Wool Spinning", beginning its golden age, began the export of high quality wool yarns.
In 1960 the brand VOGUE was created and registered for high quality knitwear, so the department for the production of knitwear for both men and women was opened in the factory until 1976.
With the union of intentions and families, our company was created in Bellagio with a showroom in a selective place, visited by particular and refined customers. Our customers understand the beauty of the Italian manufacture, of the finishes, they are not satisfied with just a brand, but prefer to have a product that is an unrepeatable piece.

This feeling is already had by walking under the historic arcades and pausing to look at our windows, it will be because of the sobriety of the windows or the ancient counter that amaze foreign customers fascinated by that flavor of the ancient world. With that seductive charm that allows you to buy a special product that you will know to be yours alone.

The Barindelli & Trezzi brand, from that time to today, experiments, realizes and makes available to a refined public (makes available to its refined customers) the best of the artisanal production of both silk and leather, the artisan heritage of Lake Como.
The activity already boasts several generational changes and today if you want to contact us, we will be at your disposal. For any information regarding our work we will be happy to help you by writing to

Silk accessories

The silk industry is a mainstay of our company, we try to create together with our artisans always unique and customized products.
Our accessories in 100% natural silk, typical of Italian sobriety of style, range from men's ties and handkerchiefs to women's scarves, along with all those male and female accessories for customers who appreciate this type of manufacture.
The luck of the Bellagio’s atelier is that it is located a few steps from the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni and next to the Hotel Florence. This allows us to have a very demanding international clientele. Every year at the end of the season we manage to perceive which are the most sophisticated fashion trends.
This allows us to create new collections of ties and scarves every year, handmade by our Como craftsmen who have been the artisan and artistic heritage of our country, since the fourteenth century.
Our collections are made entirely of 100% pure silk in the beautiful area of Lake Como.
We have a wide choice of designs from the most elegant or formal ones to the more casual ones, such as the regimental, the classic geometric designs or even the fantasy ones.

Leather accessories

From the first leather boxes in the 1950s, we began to create women's bags and leather travel bags, classic and elegant models, all handmade.
Our family experience is based on the creation of products designed to last over time, thanks to continuous research in the Como area, home of producers who have always known how to make quality materials.

How do we try to be sustainable?
From a careful recovery of all the remaining pieces of cut from silk and skins, which are used to produce small gift items such as empty pockets, coin purses and key rings in silk and leather.

The umbrella - factory

From the elegance of the english style we have tried to learn how to produce simple and refined umbrellas, handmade one by one as they once did. Made by our master umbrella makers, an ancient craft, where from the bending of the wood to the resin coating of the materials everything has remained with the art of the old umbrella maker. Handmade one by one as it used to be.
The umbrella is a unique product that safeguards the continuity of the craft shop handed down from father to son which risks disappearing.

Perhaps the quality of the photos you will see on this site does not do justice to our products, but in absolute countertrend, we prefer to use the energies and resources of our small family business solely in the quality of the product and the preciousness of the workmanship.


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